Event planning tips


The ultimate prize for any event planner is for guest’s eyes to lit up and pour out a stream of pure praise when asked “… how was that event you went to?”

While every brief is unique with many details to consider, we’ve curated some of the golden rules that will ensure you create incredible memories for your guests, leaving them longing for the next one.



With your grand vision in place, it is time to turn your concept into a reality. Choose your dates before your begin investigating venues. It helps to be a little flexible, particularly during peak seasons and especially if you’ve a particular venue in mind.

In-house Function Managers will work with you to coordinate everything, ensuring that your plan is executed perfectly and that every aspect is neatly tied together.

When you inspect a venue, bring along a list of questions and requirements i.e:
– What is your budget?
– Do they have an AV and lighting team?
– Is catering included in the brief?
– Do they have preferred suppliers for lighting, decorations, flowers etc?
– What are the entertainment options; do they allow live performers?
– Can you provide a playlist, or can they do this for you?


First impressions last. Create the perfect ambiance to match your vision by seamlessly integrating gorgeous lighting, decorations, entertainment, music and food.

   The mood of any event is set the moment guests make their entrance and it’s often the soft touches such as a custom drink on arrival, a visually stunning entry or a fun photo booth that will put your guests in a festive spirit for a fun night ahead.


Food is undoubtably one of the stars of any event and will stick in people’s minds when they talk about it later.

When planning your menu, thinking about balancing quantity, quality, creativity and deliciousness, not to mention timing. There is nothing worse than guests leaving hungry and having to make a detour on the way home for a late night snack.


Like a good story, your event should take the audience on a journey that absorbs them, leaving them feeling excited. Let’s face it, you don’t want your guests to duck out early because they are bored.

Incorporating a stage show or some roving entertainers, maybe even a magician, into the mix will give your guests something to watch or interact with, and are novel way to inject a little fun and build a immersive experience, while still allowing guests the space to network and connect at leisure.


Remember to keep your guests at the heart of your planning. Build it to suit them! They will thank you for it.

They say it takes a village… so remember that you are not doing this alone. You hold the umbrella over the team that forms the backbone of your stand-out event. Everyone from the Functions Manager, the lighting techs, AV specialists, floor and kitchen staff to the entertainers and decorators are all there to ensure the smooth running of your event.

A cohesive theme pulled together by a good production team will make your event pop so please don’t skimp on equipment or the people in charge of it, you’ll be well rewarded with a truly unforgettable event experience.

By Sofie Woodward – The Electric Alchemist