Make The Corridor Your Catwalk in 2021

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Waking up each morning to go to work is an event to look forward to these days, especially since 2020 brought an increase in both unemployment and working from home. Making your way into the office in 2021 is now an occasion worth dressing for.

Corporate attire has changed drastically over the years. Previously, women’s corporate wear was restricted and depending on what decade you lived in, pants weren’t an option. We have progressed from a time where a simple skirt, white blouse and a blazer were the only acceptable staples in a women’s work wardrobe.

While those staples still have a place in corporate dress today, there now is more room to experiment by adding a pop of colour or a pattern to show a more unique sense of self and style.

What will we see in corporate attire in 2021?

Depending on expectations from office to office, staple corporate attire generally consists of a tailored suit, a pencil skirt and a blouse of sorts. What makes these garments wardrobe staples is their structure and colour, usually consisting of black, white and neutrals.

Now that we aren’t in the 1960s, women are allowed to experiment more and add pops of colour or a pattern to complement their outfit.

When experimenting with this keep these rules in mind:


Tailoring is your best friend. Everything should fit well because oversized can come across as daggy.

Black and white will always work in your favour. Working in an office environment can mean you are quite time poor and need to quickly throw something together. You can’t go wrong with black and white, it looks sophisticated and is guaranteed to complement each other.

Conservative necklines, hemlines and fabrics are imperative. Consider your office environment and dress accordingly to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Sometimes it’s out with the old and in with the new. Attention to detail is a quality respected in the workplace. If a garment has a hole that can’t be invisibly repaired or if the fabric has some wear and tear, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Tailored pants

Tailored pants are imperative to a corporate wardrobe. They not only look professional, but they go with almost everything. Look for pants that cinch in at the waist and have a straight leg. Find great examples of these at Forever New.

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Nice blouse

Now we move onto the blouse. A piece that allows for more self-expression and freedom of choice. The general rule to follow is three neutral coloured blouses and two with a subtle pattern or print. This gives you a week’s worth of blouses that can go with your tailored pant or skirt. Have fun with your blouses but remember you don’t need to go too bold to look stylish. Find some great designs at Country Road and Zara.

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Tailored blazer

In addition to tailored pants is a blazer to match. A tailored suit is necessary for formal work occasions where a look of professionalism is a must. The blazer is a versatile piece – it can be worn over a dress, with a skirt or even with jeans and heels for a chic weekend look. This wardrobe must-have is an investment. Look for quality over quantity and it should last you a lifetime. Check out Forever New to find a blazer to match your tailored pants and play it safe with black, grey or a neutral colour.

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Nice dress

Let your personal style lead the way with an abundance of dresses available at The Iconic and Witchery. A well-structured dress that falls above or below the knee is a perfect fit for the corporate wardrobe. If you prefer something with a looser silhouette, try a wrap dress with long or capped sleeves. Leave the prints behind and go for a solid block colour to ensure elegance. - Photo Credit Forever Zara

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Pencil skirts are timeless and look sharp. Avoid any fabrics that are too tight and stick to an A-line skirt below the knee. You may even like to wear a slip skirt or pleated skirt (just make sure they are ironed) with a blazer. The Iconic has a wide range and offer one day express delivery.

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Shoes and bag

Last but not least, shoes and bag are the most practical items of your wardrobe. A general rule in the workplace is to stick to closed-toe shoes. Ensure your work bag is of size to carry your work necessities. For both shoes and bags, leather tends to be a fabric that is easily cleaned and looks sharp. Find a neutral colour for both so they match majority of your wardrobe. Myer and David Jones are perfect for shopping because you can tend to find a good bargain!

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By Nyssa Johnston – No Strings Studio