The art of Giving – A Corporate Gift Guide to 2021

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

Receiving a personal present deep with meaning is an incredible feeling and the same can be said of corporate gifting. It builds a feeling of connection, trust, reciprocity and goodwill, in addition to creating a positive association therefore selecting the right one is crucial.

Corporate gifting falls somewhere between an art form and psychology, but there are some simple rules to help to you master it.

The How To Buy Guide


Know Your Client (or customer). This gift must be about them, reflecting their tastes and interests, ensuring that it doesn’t come off as generic or an afterthought.

This may require a discreet dig; perhaps they are mad for marathons? Do they have an obsession with orchards or do they spend their weekends hiking? What is their favourite colour? Have they been working really hard and are in dire need of some R&R?

Are you thanking someone for their contribution? Welcoming a new client to the fold? Marking a high point for the business? Sending congratulations? Celebrating a holiday?

While it is tempting to dive into the merchandise cupboard and emerge all logos blazing, unless the item is high quality and useful, it is better to save the branded items for corporate events.

Bring back a touch of old school etiquette by including a personal message to show you care to reinforce the emotional connection. Value is more than just a number on a price tag.


The ripples of 2020 can still be felt in the corporate world and there is no denying that the pandemic has reshaped the landscape of our lives with lockdowns and isolation, working from home and Zoom meetings becoming the new norm.

If nothing else, the last year has served to highlight the significance of connection, kindness, gratitude and the value of self-care and leading a balanced life. Not to mention the importance of handwashing… and the surprise of learning how often we touch our faces.

Our gift guide reflects each of these elements and has you covered with ideas that range from frivolous to the super practical and everything in between, with hampers, feel good bundles, super luxe treats and some eclectic picks to help you pick a present that packs punch.



Working from home doesn’t mean that you are alone and a thoughtful hamper is bound to hit the right note with remote workers, reminding them that they are a part of a community. Try mix-and-matching your branded merchandise with a few hand-picked items, remembering to match the gift to the receiver.

The ‘WFH’ Starter Kits

Here are some fresh ideas for a gift pack for those setting up their home office for the first time, new employees or to serve as a reminder to those who are yet to return to a physical office.

  • Office essentials including branded pen, USB hub, laptop cooling pad, a decent mouse
  • Fancy leather mouse mat with wrist support
  • Moleskine notebook
  • Good quality wired headphones
  • External hard drive – simplecom make a sleek and sexy
  • A good quality face mask
  • A funky webcam cover
  •  Happy Socks by Bombas

The ‘WFH’ Wellness Bundles

Parcel up a selection of feel-good treats to promote productivity while keeping the crazies away.

  • 3 month T2 subscription to revitalise the tea drinkers
    A selection of good quality coffee and an eco-friendly
  • Keep Cup for the caffeine addicts
  • A Soda Stream machine, just for fun
  • Healthy snack pack containing trail mix, a paleo bar, chocolate dipped dried fruit or nuts, popcorn
  • A potted plant, terrarium or a miniature succulent garden
  • Scented candle – Happy Flame make gorgeous organic beeswax candles in all shapes and sizes
  • A yoga mat and a subscription to a virtual fitness class – Downdog is perfect for yoga lovers
  • Voucher for a massage or day spa treatment. Urban Thai have some great offers.

Building your own basket adds an human touch, however if you are time poor there are lots of excellent businesses online that specialise in customisable hampers, just be sure to add a thoughtful message to go with the hamper.



Phone Cover
A simple but considerate gift. It is a fact universally acknowledged that a new phone is always in want of a cover, and Maison de Sabré have designed phone covers that are sophisticated in their beautiful simplicity. Well-made and customisable to suit all tastes.

Bluetooth speakers
Music soothes the savage beast. Choosing a playlist, putting it on blast and having a boogie has been scientifically proven to help shake off any lingering stress. With so many Bluetooth speakers available on the market you are truly spoiled for choice; we suggest looking for one that boasts superior audio clarity and range. These 4 are all strong contenders. A little research will reveal which one is best suited for your recipient:

  • Bose Soundlink
  • UE BOOM 3
  • Tribit
  • Denon Envaya

If you would like to add a little corporate bling to the thing, there are companies online that will pop your logo on, or the recipients initials.


Small, thoughtful tokens can carry immense weight and show people that you have spent time considering their needs.

  • An Events cinema ULTIMATE GOLD CLASS Gift card which includes a double admission, two welcome drinks and 5 small plates from the Gold Glass menu.
  • Movie Night at Home Bundle – A voucher for Dominos pizza, 2 packs of Cobs Natural Popcorn, a bottle of their favourite wine, Skittles, M&Ms and a bag of The Natural Confectionary Company snakes
  • Voucher for a day spa or massage treatment for the stressed out executive.  Urban Thai Massage has some great offers.
  • Give the gift of Hygge with a personalised candle from Haus of Scents


A beautiful, signature bag to tote our belongings in as we transition back into face-to-face meetings and *gasp* travel is so 2021. For the lucky traveller you can add that special touch by slipping a small ‘wellness kit’ inside that has a sleeping mask, socks, a face mask, a small bottle of hand sanitiser and perhaps Aēsop’s ‘Departure’ pack too.
Check out the range at Hershel Supply co. These stylish pieces tick all the boxes with its on trend selection of gorgeous and super practical bags to meet every need and taste; laptop slips, messenger bags, rucksacks and trolley cases in every shape, size and colour. Ideal for finding the right look for your audience.

If you are searching for a functional, unique, funky and beautifully crafted bag, perhaps one you can have embossed, you can’t go past a Cambridge Satchel Company bag. Guaranteed to elicit many “where did you get that from?” comments.



Champagne Sabré

We can thank the French for Champagne and specifically Napoleon’s troops for the Champagne Sabre.

Embraced as being *the* celebration libation, a glass or three of crisp Champagne makes victory taste that much sweeter, but a Champagne Sabre elevates it to another level. The spectacle of watching a blade swiftly separating the collar and cork from the bottle causing a Champagne Supernova never fails to cause an eruption of exuberant cheers and clapping.

Georg Jensen has given an elegant spin on it this, with its sweeping lines and fine finish in mirror polished steel, engraved it for a personal touch, their Indulgence Champagne Sabre sits at around the $300 mark and you can find it at David Jones, online or the Georg Jensen store on Edward Street.

Combine a bottle of premium Champagne with a shiny sabré for maximum impact and minimum effort.

To round off, we can’t wallpaper over the fact that it takes time, thought and effort when it comes hitting it out of the ballpark in this gift giving caper but do resist the urge to use a cookie cutter approach, it will be well worth it. And can be fun.

Happy gifting!

By Sofie Woodward – The Electric Alchemist