Brisbane PA Network

Originating in 2007, the Brisbane PA Network is a (not for profit) free networking group and connects over 300 PAs / EAs / Office Professionals, giving them the chance to meet up at free events every month in venues around Brisbane. Our events are hosted by businesses, mostly in the CBD, who want to promote their services and venues. In return, we spread the word through our network of members on the understanding that our members are all in PA / EA / Office Professional roles who may use our hosts’ facilities. The Brisbane PA Network is a chance to network with colleagues and peers and to check out venues that might be of interest – and have some fun.

As we all know, the unthinkable happened in 2020, we headed into lockdown because of a global pandemic that changed all of our lives forever! There goes 2020 we thought! During those early months, we really did feel for all of our amazing venues and hosts as we watched their industries crumble. Without knowing how to help, we decided to get a few of our favs onto virtual parties and I think those members that joined our “house parties” had a great time and what a way to stay connected! It was so great to see many of our members smiling faces, albeit virtually, tuning in each fortnight to chat, have a vino and share some laughs! It definitely helped everyone get through those earlier tough times!

As Qld seemed to be leading the pack as a State, we slowly started to get back to workplaces, into restaurants and visit friends and families. Our first event back after months of nothing, was at the gorgeous Stamford Plaza in October 2020 and what a way to welcome our members back to one our favourites! A number of exceptional opportunities soon followed as Brisbane slowly came back to life.

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Normally, I bore our amazing members with the stats of how many events we’ve had, how many members attended and a few other bits and pieces … BUT I guess 2020 had other plans for us! I can tell you that in 2021, our network is even stronger than ever. For those playing along at home, here are a few stats as at the end of 2020:

  • We accepted 42 new membership requests
  • We held 11 events even in the strange COVID year
  • We delivered 39 regular newsletters to our membership base

This incredible network wouldn’t be possible without our amazing committee, and they work tirelessly (and for free) to make our wonderful network one of the biggest in the country!

Donelle Lockie Chair
Nyla Muir Events Manager
Catherine Flowers Membership
Erin Clarke & Emily Gospodarczyk Social Media Co-Ordinator’s / Instagram
Linda Grant-Janson Facebook
Lee Norton LinkedIn
Deb Want Website design
Gabe Williams Website maintenance
Rebecca Sully Eventbrite

I am really excited to see what 2021 holds for us as a network and we are working with Community Friends to see how we can support them this year which so far has including food donations at our events and I am really looking forward to furthering this relationship.
If you are interested in joining this amazing network, please have a look at our socials, and then sign up on our website.