Girls Love Pearls

Brisbane’s leading pearl specialist… is a claim supported by a satisfied, and loyal following, of discerning pearl lovers. Walking into the Brisbane Arcade boutique showroom, run by owner and gemmologist, Mark Seddon, shoppers can experience a complete collection of cultured pearls. From the beautiful and alluring Australian South Sea pearls in all their splendour of white, silver and pink hues, to the enchantment of the Tahitian pearl with peacock blue, green and bronze tones…all are created to incite your imagination.

Girls Love of Pearls goes back thousands of years…

Today, the modern woman, with a slightly more modest budget than Cleopatra, (Famous for proving to Marc Antony, she could drink the wealth of a country by crushing a pearl into a glass of wine and drinking it), can afford to adorn herself with the most spectacular array of pearls. These magnificent ‘gems of the sea’, that are not only warm to the touch, but with an exceptional lustre, can hold their own against the brightness and colour of any gem.

From the pristine pearlescent white of Australia’s South Sea pearls to the deep intensely rich gold of Pilipino and Indonesian pearls, to the bronze, pistachio and peacock colours of the Tahitian pearl, there are almost no colours that wouldn’t match the most comprehensive wardrobe collection.

Pearls are the penultimate fashion accessory. Pearls, envelope a romance through-out history that is unrivalled by any other organic gem. It is the “Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens”. They have been a fashion staple through the decades, and have once again starred in some of the biggest Fashion Houses, on the run way, in recent times, namely Chanel and Dior.


The ultra-sophisticated pearl conveys the shift to the more traditional ladylike style, that goes beyond timeless studs and the classic strand. We see more than just perfectly round pearls, with the dreaminess and romanticism of the baroque and drop shape pearl pieces.

The strands of today see the longer ‘Matinee’ (70cm), ‘Opera’ (90cm) and Bib’ (130cm) lengths taking the lime light. Not only is it the lengths of the strands that are working the fashion highlights, but their versatility in the combinations of colours and shapes of the pearls themselves, displayed in the one strand. Mixed gold, white and black hues of the South Sea pearls give rise to a more casual look, whilst still elevating your style with a touch of glamour.

At Girls Love Pearls, we offer a one stop viewing, meaning you can come in, and browse a complete selection of pearl jewellery items, and know you can make a decision, as all the options and choices are in front of you.

We also offer a personalised design and sourcing service, if someone is wanting to match to an existing piece or pearl colour or clothing colour. If we don’t have it in stock, we can source it or design and then make it. There are no extra costs associated with making a special order or custom design.

Find us at:

Shop 17, Balcony Level
Brisbane Arcade,
160 Queen Street Mall
Brisbane QLD 4000

: (07) 3012 8361