BRISBANE,QLD/AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 13, 2014: View on freshly installed Brisbane sign and buildings of the city illuminated for G20 summit.

In a world where you can shop anywhere. shop local

Brisbane Inc is a magazine created by locals for locals and the “Buy Local” philosophy is one that sits close to our hearts.

When we decided to pull this publication together, we wanted something that had a distinctly local flavour, bursting with knowledge that only a Brisbanite could have, and we made it our goal to provide our readers with a place to pause and peruse products and services from businesses that are 100% locally owned and operated, and to have content that is created by people who truly know this wonderful city.

Even though restrictions are slowly lifting and our day-to-day lives returning to semblance of normality, it is still common to see empty premises and closed store fronts, and this is why it is so important to continue to show your support to small and local businesses when you can.

The Benefits of Buying Local

1. It’s great for the environment.
When you practice farm-to-table shopping, you are immediately creating a positive impact to the environment by cutting down the ‘air miles’ of your food has to travel.

2. Community Support.
Small businesses are run by our friends, families and communities. Whether you are buying fresh fruit, handmade socks or getting a new haircut, by showing them some love, you are investing directly in your local community. And small businesses can put more back into the community by supporting fundraisers and other special events.

3.Economic Impact.
Local stores create local jobs, boosting the local economy and providing opportunity.

4. Personalised Customer Service.
Many small businesses make a point of nurturing relationships with their customers, taking the time to learn their names, needs and preferences. Admit it, there is a thrill to be being greeted by name at your local café.

5. Filling Niches.
Local stores have a unique opportunity to identify niches within their communities than their larger counterparts. Which means that if you are shopping for something unique or uncommon, small shops are the place to go.

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How Do I Show My Support?


How lucky are we?! With our national parks, state forests and stunning beaches brimming with wildlife and plants, why not celebrate by exploring our backyard.

Make time for nature. Explore your backyard. Protect and enjoy the diverse wildlife and nature on our doorstep. Across the globe there will be people who won’t be able to get out to appreciate our planet. We really are living in the lucky country.


The Arts scene is so vibrant in Australia, with loads of talented people finding new ways to get their work out. Check out what gigs are on in your area to get your music fix. Pop into your local art gallery to support the artists in the community. Visit a museum to learn some homegrown history. Is there a zoo nearby?


The local markets are a great way of making grocery shopping fun, with loads of yummy produce grown within shouting distance.

While you are out and about, consider skipping the fast food and popping into a restaurant, deli or café to check out what’s new on the menu. When you are perusing the drinks menu, is there a local beer or Aussie wine that you can choose to go with your meal?

Every little show of support goes a long way to supporting our communities and our industries


Sharing the love via social media is a small gesture that goes a long way in showing support without having to drop cash.

Word of mouth is a fantastic way to drive traffic to online stores and business owners always appreciate the amplification so remember to give that 5-star review about the businesses you love.


Out of all lessons we collected on the back of COVID, was that the community spirit is well and truly alive. Neighbours were checking in on each other, there was more banter with cashiers, people were paying it forward, saying hello to fellow dog walkers and generally being more mindful of one another.

Keep it up everyone! And here’s to keeping up the kindness and sharing the love.

By Sofie Woodward – The Electric Alchemist