Why Urban Thai

Since opening its doors in 2014 Urban Thai Massage have brought their own brand of this ancient healing system to our bustling city.  There are a wide range of treatments on offer including Remedial, Therapeutic, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Foot Massage as well as the Traditional Thai Massage, all of them performed by trained professionals.

Remedial & Therapeutic Massage

There are so many benefits to massage therapy, with each session serving as a building block to train your body to maintain a relaxed state while teaching your muscles to remain loose even during high stress periods.

It is useful in the management of a range of conditions such as arthritis, MS, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, or as a supplement to wound care, cancer care and a variety of other ailments, not to mention being a wonderful way to unwind if you need some much needed “me time”.

By inducing a relaxation response, massage lowers your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing, decreasing the physical effects of stress, supporting your immune system so that you walk away from your session feeling fresher, more supple and well on the road to recovery.


Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is quite firm employing deep tissue work, joint mobility, trigger point work and stretching. At times this may feel a little uncomfortable but should never be painful so you must always tell your therapist if it becomes too much.

It is renowned for reducing down time after an injury; your therapist working with you to focus on your problem areas and addressing your specific concerns.

Used in conjunction with physiotherapy, regular massage can promote injury resilience, speed your recovery time, improve your posture, in addition to alleviating stress and maintaining overall wellbeing.

Many Health Insurance companies allow you to claim your sessions so be sure to check your cover.


Group Booking

Have you considered treating your team to a massage as part of your corporate wellness strategy? Or a unique way to start off a Hen’s day or Buck’s night?

Urban Thai offers competitive prices for group bookings, tailored to meet the size and needs of your group. Call now for a quote

Couples Massage Sessions

Not just for couples, this is a shared, nurturing experience to spoil that special someone in your life, whether that is your romantic partner, your best friend or your parent.

Urban Thai has a beautiful double room with two separate tables, and you will each have your own therapist who will customise the style and intensity of the treatment to suit both of you, leaving you both feeling spoilt.


Written By Sofie Woodward